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Robert Shiell CD HBSc Acc FM

 Why I chose Mediation

We all know someone who has gone through a messy, expensive and drawn out divorce, paid thousands of dollars to update a single paragraph in an existing custody agreement, a problematic landlord or find themselves in conflict at work. When all is said and done the lawyers collect their fees and the people involved – no better off.  The relationship is destroyed.

My driving force is the recognition that conflict is emotionally and financially overwhelming for many people.  I want to assist people to use their own skills to develop practical resolutions to break the escalation of personal conflicts . Time is too precious to be wasted on endless conflict because In Disputes Everything that was Acquired is Lost (IDEAL) Mediation provides an alternative path to achieving solutions!

Personal Principles

Respect – I treat others how I wish to be treated;

Truth – I am open and honest with everyone.  Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships;

Leadership – I set the example by asking for no more than what I am willing to give.  I motivate people to work with me as part of a team;

Communication – I am clear and  consistent. I explain my scope of practice and when outside professional advice is recommended; and

Learning – provide an opportunity to improve the foundation of my practice and myself!

IDEAL Mediation Inc.’s Business Principles

Neutrality – a mediator must be a neutral third party to help people resolve their dispute while maintaining a respectful, constructive atmosphere

Confidentiality – disputes are personal and details pertaining to a mediation are shared only with parties directly involved.  All information is considered strictly confidential by the mediator.  All confidential documentation is stored in secured files or on secure electronic devices without Internet access.  No emails or  email address are stored on the server once a response is made.

Practical –  successful resolutions must be practical to be implemented in daily life with peoples’ realistic abilities; and

Honesty – For success, the mediator must have the trust of the parties.  Conducting business with integrity, transparency and confidentiality is the hallmark of IDEAL Mediation Inc.